You want to Accelerate your Career!

You're a software developer seeking to improve your technical and/or business skills. You feel like you're not advancing quickly. You have some ideas for side projects, but aren't sure how to get started, or which to choose.

You're overwhelmed by all the things you might focus your time on learning.

Doing what you've been doing hasn't gotten you to where you want to be.

You've tried doing it all on your own - it's challenging.

You don't know what you don't know, which makes self-direction difficult. Motivation can be a challenge when you don't have anybody but yourself holding you accountable or modeling the behavior you need to succeed. One-directional tools like podcasts, articles, and online courses are some help,
but they're not tailored to you and your unique situation.

You need professional coaching

You're equally sure that, while a professional career coach would surely help you,
you don't have the time or money for such a big investment.

Try a new path

Stop going down a path you know isn't working. Doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result is the definition of lunacy.

"No matter how far down the wrong path you have gone, turn back now."

Turkish Proverb

What if you had the skills you need today to take that job you've been dreaming of?

What if you had the confidence to know you can ask for that promotion and expect to get it?

What if you had someone who's been where you are pushing you to improve, and cheering you on when you succeed?

What if you were able to build up passive income streams so you weren't tied to your current job?

Imagine being able to hire an expert coach without a huge investment in time or money who could help with all of these things and more.

devBetter Group Coaching with Steve 'Ardalis' Smith

Join a small team of like-minded professionals and become a part of my live group video coaching program and community, devBetter.

devBetter is an open-ended monthly subscription service (or annually with 2 months free). Video sessions take place at various times to accommodate different time zones and use online videoconferencing software like Zoom. The format is an open Q&A session. You can join live and ask questions, send in questions in advance, or just listen and learn. If you're looking for direction, you'll be given personalized tasks and goals to complete before the next session, when you can report on your progress.

In addition to the live video sessions, you'll also be granted access to the community Discord channel where everyone subscribed to devBetter collaborates on a daily basis. It is a great place to ask additonal questions, continue discussions in breakout channels, pair program, and interact with the rest of the devBetter community.

I'm Ready to Start Down This Path

Join the devBetter group coaching program today and get immediate access to all recorded sessions and the Discord channel, as well as access to the schedule of upcoming live coaching sessions. The price is just $200/mo, or $2000/yr, which is a fraction of the price of NimblePros' hourly remote mentoring services.

Join Monthly for $200.00 Join Annually for $2000.00 (2 months free)

Click the button to join the monthly group immediately, or visit the signup page to choose other options, including an annual subscription that includes 2 months free.
There is no long-term obligation. You can cancel any time.

What do others think?

Don't take my word for it. Here are some kind words from people I've helped:

David T.

David T.

"I'm enjoying the weekly coaching sessions. And I'm learning a lot, as much from some others' questions as my own. Highly Recommended."

Ryan Wemmer
Ryan Wemmer

"I listed devBetter with Steve Smith on my resume. An interviewer once asked me about my time at devBetter. He said that he'd heard of Steve and listens to any podcast with Steve in it. That company ended up offering me a job resulting in a significant pay increase."

Eric F.
Eric F.

"Steve is not only an expert in the field, but he is a tremendous leader. To Steve, being a leader not only means showing people the right way to do things but he empowers and provides everyone around him with the tools necessary to succeed going forward. With Steve's guidance I've gone from a developer suffering from impostor syndrome to leading a team of 8 engineers with success, and doubling my salary in the process. Plain and simple, Steve has changed my career and I could not encourage someone enough to jump at any opportunity they have to be mentored by him."

Robert G.
Robert G.

"Steve Smith's work on software architecture, software design patterns and principles has helped me tremendously in becoming a better software developer and shaping the way I think about software design, development and architecture.

(Steve) guided me to build my own loosely-coupled web application using ASP.NET Core 2.0 & Angular 5 demonstrating Clean architecture, which in turn helped me land a new, better job, since my interviewers were impressed by the way the application was structured and built to follow the best practices and principles." via LinkedIn

Chris H.
Chris H.

"The value I received from Steve's coaching was immediate. After just one month, I am already more hopeful and optimistic about where I want to go knowing that Steve is in my corner. I have direction, weekly challenges, and he's available throughout the week on Slack for any questions or discussion. Most important to me is having that accountability and challenge to do the work which is tailored to my goals, and he provides that. I've tried doing it on my own and it is tough with all of the other commitments and priorities. Steve's a genuine nice guy to boot, easy to talk to and relate with.

I highly recommend taking up group coaching with Steve if you are interested in having an industry leader in mentoring and teaching partner with you to accelerate your skills and career."

Stephen R.
Stephen R.

"Steve's deep mastery and passion for the technical subject matter, combined with his experience as a presenter, make him one of the most effective instructors I've ever encountered. What sets Steve apart is the seamless way he adapts as he gets to know the audience. He quickly builds a comfortable rapport, encourages participation and discussion, and never resorts to high-pressure gimmicks that so often put developers on the defensive.

His style actively invites deeper explorations of topics the class finds interesting, while keeping the group focused towards the primary learning objectives. Training from Steve not only imparted crucial skills our team needed, but also left the entire team eager to continue learning and improving afterwards." via LinkedIn

Phil V.
Phil V.

"I have been a member of devBetter for several months now and I can honestly say that signing up was one of the best decisions I have made to advance my software developer career. Steve has been a great coach and a source of precious practical advice and encouragement. Through devBetter, I was introduced to a great group of individuals whom, although they differ in professional experience and background, all seek to better their skills and help each other do the same. devBetter has been instrumental in helping me successfully integrate a new and challenging team environment at work."

Pierre Gadea
Pierre Gadea

"Becoming a member of devBetter is one of the best investments I’ve ever made. One of the first things Steve did was help me negotiate my salary, which has more than paid for the entire cost of my membership already. I’ve had great learning opportunities put in my lap - from Discord discussions and code reviews that have helped me improve as a developer to group coaching sessions held over Zoom, led by Steve Smith himself, focused on helping me find solutions to complex problems and providing advice on architecture decisions. If you’re interested in learning software design patterns, solving a problem, career advice, or building a business, you can find all that and more in this group! I’ve only leveraged 1% of the opportunities available to me as a member, but my career and future outlook have grown exponentially. There is so much to learn, and the highly skilled and vastly experienced members of devBetter are open to helping you do so."

Shmuel Winegarten.
Shmuel Winegarten.

"Joining devBetter as a junior developer has been my best career step to date. Steve is a fount of up-to-date knowledge in both technical developer skills as well as soft skills. Steve tailors his mentoring to the individual, so you receive the optimal level of interaction and challenge. devBetter is a unique environment where one can ask questions of any level and receive timely and supportive responses from Steve as well as from other experienced members. devBetter has quite literally moved my career years forward!"

Let's go!

Join the devBetter group coaching program today and get immediate access to all recorded sessions, the Discord channel, the web site resources, the private GitHub, the private Stack Overflow team, and more!

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